Sep 8, 2011

school updates

So I've had my first real school day today. It's hard getting back into the routine, I'm very tired. Now that my classes are mixed rather than mostly French immersion, there are a lot of new people in my classes. Unfortunately quite a few of them are the people I don't like from my school. But I'll just have to suck it up because that's life, right?

I only have two shifts at work this week which seems like the perfect amount. More than three would be too much for me, I'd get distracted from school and I'd be too busy. Tomorrow at work I get to pick out some new fall things, as all the sales associates get packages for the seasons. I'm very excited, I've been picking out what to try on already. There's so much I want to buy, but I'll have to wait for a few more pay checks to buy it all.

I bought a new school bag as a back-to-school gift to myself. Here's a picture:

It's from Zara. I absolutely love it, but I have been having second thoughts. I really like using the long shoulder straps, but I realized the one on this bag is rather thin, so I'm nervous that if my bag gets too heavy it will break. Maybe the strap is just for show, or when the bag is light. The other straps are thick and stronger, so that could be it. I haven't taken the tags off because I'm still contemplating whether or not I should return it and buy a bigger bag with a better strap. Suggestions?

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