Jun 23, 2011

happy birthday to me!

This week has been so busy! Monday was my last exam, as well as my birthday. I got Starbucks for breakfast and wrote my exam in the morning, then I went to my boyfriend's house for a while. He bought me sushi for lunch too. Then I went home and hung out with my mom, step-dad, and step-sister until we went out for dinner. We had Italian, one of my favorites!

Tuesday I went shopping with my step-sister, and then had some friends over for a hot-tub party. We went crazy in Victoria's Secret, since they had their semi-annual clearance sale. I got a two new bathing suits, some body cream, and my step-sister bought me a bunch of new undies! The party was really fun too. We all just hung out and ate food.

Yesterday I went to my boyfriend's band's cd release show and met up with some friends. It was super fun, but now I have bruises on my feet from people stepping on me! It was so humid and sweaty in there too, but I didn't really mind, I having too much fun. In the morning I went to a second-hand store to look for a bench for my brother with my step-sister and my mom, and ended up finding vintage Escada kitten heels! I had to get them, they were only $10! My mom and I always have really good luck with second-hand stores, we've found Dior, Guerlain, and Diane Von Furstenburg too.

Today I'm going out with some other friends for dinner, as another birthday celebration, so I'm looking forward to that. It's really rainy out, so there's not much to do today. Tomorrow there are two more parties that I'm going to, on top of everything this week!
Here's a few pictures of some of the things I recieved :)
My new robe from Victoria's Secret, a gift from my mom
 Some books and magazines I got from my family
The bracelet and silvery necklace is from my boyfriend (he has good taste), the ring and pink necklace from my two friends, and the owl from my sister (I named him Edgar)
 Also got that shirt and skirt, both from American Apparel. This is what I wore to dinner!
 My vintage Escada pumps!

Jun 17, 2011

almost my birthday!

Today I had two exams, math and anthropology. I was so nervous for both of them, but I think they went okay. I'm so glad they're over. Since I'm not taking math next year, it was my last math course for good! I still have one more exam, American history, on Monday which is also my birthday. I just ordered a cake, so it finally feels like it's actually almost my birthday.

In a few hours I'm going to my friends birthday party, so I'm pretty excited for that. Hm, what to wear...

Jun 11, 2011

last day of classes.

Thursday was my last day of grade eleven classes. It feels weird that the year is over, it went by really quickly. I can't believe I only have one year of school left! Thursday was also my last day at my co-op placement. It was sad to leave, I really enjoyed going every other morning. I'm so happy that I had my placement with Dagg and Stacey, I heard stories of other people who had supervisors that didn't pay attention, but Karen and Stacey were so nice and down-to-earth. They even gave me this shirt as a gift!
Funny enough it was the first thing I worked on with them too. You can buy it online, at shopdaggandstacey.com. The spring/summer collection is amazing.

My first exam was yesterday morning. It was my English exam, so it was just an essay. I think it went okay, I'm usually pretty good at writing essays, and on this one I was even allowed to compare the topic to Gossip Girl! My next exam is my French one, on Tuesday morning. I'm pretty nervous for it, so I should be studying.

I'm at my cottage until tomorrow evening. We came up after my exam yesterday. I was looking forward to tanning on the dock, but unfortunately it's been cloudy and rainy since we got up.
But I've been procrastinating all day, so now I'm off to study my French notes!

Jun 5, 2011

quinoa loaf

So I made the quinoa loaf last night, and it ended up tasting really good. Much better than I expected. The preparation took a while because I had to cook the quinoa and cut up all the vegetables, but it was worth it. The recipe made a lot though, so I have plenty of quinoa loaf in the freezer!

You can get the recipe here: