Sep 24, 2011

The Clothing Show

Tomorrow I'm going to The Clothing Show! I'm so excited. I went to the spring/summer show with my sister in May and it was lots of fun, so I expect to find some good things and have a great time. I actually won two all-weekend passes through a contest on, but I was working today and I'm working Sunday, so I'm only able to go tomorrow. But it works out, because the show hours are longest on Saturday. I'll be sure to report back with details tomorrow! (Thanks again, Stefania!)

On another note...
Last night I was feeling creative, so I decided to sew something. I based my design on a shirt I already have, but added my own elements. I love the pattern of the fabric. I really like stripes, but these ones look as if they were sketched on. Here's a picture of the fabric I used:

And here are images of the final product, and how I wore it!

(excuse the grim faces, the pictures where I'm smiling are blurry)

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