Nov 9, 2011

best of seen and submitted/shopping haul

So today's been the best day I've had in a while. I had last period spare so I decided to go downtown to H&M, because they had a pair of shoes I really wanted. So I went to the one in Yorkville, just because I know it better than the other locations. I found the shoes I originally wanted, but decided I didn't like them as much as I originally thought. However I found a pair of black chelsea boots in my size and got them instead! I saw them there a month ago and really liked them but didn't buy them because I didn't have enough money at the time.

H&M also has a promotion on for "buy one get one free" on certain knits, and so I ended up buying two new sweaters too! I also bought a pair of suede leggings that have a sort of riding pant feel to them. I wasn't sure about them at first but when I tried them on I really liked them.

On the way home I stopped at Starbucks too, and got a caramel macchiato and red velvet whoopie pie, two of my favorite things from there!

So when I got home I was checking my email and such and came across a message on my Lookbook account from someone at American Apparel. She told me that one of my looks is being featured on the Best of Seen and Submitted page on the website! It was such a surprise, I was so happy. Here's the link if you wanna take a look :) (I'm number 5) It's kind of funny because I was wearing mostly American Apparel that day, but it was after I quit my job there. I've never been featured on something before though, so I was really excited when I saw the post!

Now I'm just going to curl up and watch last night's episode of The New Girl. Such a good show!

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