Jul 12, 2011

first half of july

I am so glad I am done with school until September. A lot of my friends are doing summer school this July, and many of them have said that it's really hard, and/or boring. So I'm quite happy that I didn't sign up to do any summer courses.
So far this summer I've only been going up to my cottage once and a while, and seeing a few friends here and there. Today I went bowling with a few, then we went to Harvey's (per my request, they're one of the only places I can find veggie burgers!). Then I went to Winners by myself and bought a few nice things that were on sale. A good day, I'd say.
Sunday I'll be taking the bus up to my cottage on my own, since I wanted to stay home for the weekend. I've never taken a coach bus anywhere other than field trips through school, so it will be a new experience. I just have to make sure I'm up early enough so I'm not late!

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