Jun 11, 2010

exams & stuff.

Ugh. Exams. So far I have completed 1/5; english & science. Monday I have french & history, which will be difficult considering I learned nothing in those subjects this year. Thursday is math, but that's fine because it's super easy.
Then on Sunday, it's my birthday! Yay for sweet sixteens! I'm guessing the day after I'll be going to do my G1 test. My online practice tests haven't been going very well, so maybe I should start studying. But I've been doing way too much of that lately.
And in case anyone was interested, I bought a dress for the wedding. It's strapless, pink and has lace. It's really casual but I guess I can dress it up. I got an email yesterday that the one dress I was in love with came back in stock. :| Of course.
That is all.

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