Jun 14, 2010


I think I may have failed my history exam. It was super difficult, to say the least. French ended up being easy though, so I think that went well. I only have math left, and it will be easy.

So today after my exams I was running some errands, and decided to go into a vintage store, just to see if they had anything good. I looked around for a bit, found a few cute dresses and shirts, and went to try them on. Nothing really stood out for me, until I found this one cardigan and blazer. The cardigan has argyle on the front, and it's 100% cashmere, for $5.99. Then my mom pointed something out to me. It was a black and white, hounds-tooth blazer. Then I looked at the label. Diane Von Furstenburg. $7.99.
(I also got a cute top, but it wasn't as amazing as the other two things.)
It's safe to say that my day turned waay around.


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