May 31, 2010

poor ipod :(

So the past week was pretty hectic. Lots of projects due.
 Last week I had a french history fair, for my summative in history. My groups subject was music from the 80's. It was a fun project, since I love music and already knew most of the bands I needed to research. I dressed up as Debbie Harry from Blondie, my friend dressed as David Bowie, and my other two friends dressed as fans. But at the end of the day when I was putting my table back into the cafeteria, I left my iPod in my speakers. I came back and it was gone. I still have yet to find it, hopefully someone decides to give it back. It really sucks since I keep everything on there, and I always have it with me.

The dress I love on still hasn't gone back in stock, so I should probably start looking for a different one... one I can buy in a store. I really hope it does go back though, it's the nicest dress I've seen in a while.

This week will be a lot more relaxed. Today we got out of school an hour early, tomorrow we have a two hour "fun lunch", Wednesday school starts an hour late, and then moratorium starts. But with the start of moratorium comes the start of exams. Which means more stress.
Oh well. I'll just have to deal. I cannot wait until summer comes and I don't have to do homework or see people I don't wanna see...
anyways that's all for now.


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