Mar 18, 2010

queen st.

So today, Aliyah, Robbs, Saba & I went down to Queen St W. I wanted to go to Stella Luna and get some cute vintage shoes, but I didn't know where it was on the street so we never went in. I did however, find an adorable flower print dress from a different vintage store for only $10. I only spent $20 today, which is amazing considering I am such a shopaholic. I'm pretty proud of myself. Such a good day.

On the way back, both the eastbound and the westbound subways weren't working or something, so we had to "go upstairs and take the shuttle bus". So we went upstairs then the TTC lady comes running out and starts telling everyone that the subways are working again, so we had to go all the way back and pay again. Plus on the way down, we were confused and got off at the wrong stops...

Niagara was amazing, and super fun. We went to one of the wax museums, and that was really funny. The spa was amazing, and I got a nice Alice In Wonderland shirt from the MGM Store. It really didn't feel like it was two days though, could've been four. Super fun though.


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