Mar 13, 2010

march break.

March break is finally here, thank God. School was getting so unbearable, I'm so glad I can just hang around, sleep in and not doing much for a week. I woke up at one pm today; it is currently four pm and I'm still wearing my pajamas.

Feels weird not going somewhere warm and sunny, since I've been going to the Dominican for the last couple spring breaks, but I have other plans...

Originally I was just going to loaft around all week with Robbs, Saba & Aliyah, but my mom decided to surprise me by booking a room in the Niagara Doubletree Hilton for a night, and we're going to the Aveda Spa as well. She booked us both an hour facial, an hour massage and an hour pedicure. The pedicure confuses me, considering the longest pedicure I've ever had was a half hour, so I have no idea what they will be doing to our feet.

Then Thursday, Robbs, Saba, Aliyah & I are going to Queen St. all day. Friday I may be going to some movies, like Alice In Wonderland FINALLY, since I am obsessed with the original.

Tonight STB & my mom are going to the cottage, so I have the house to myself again. I would've gone too but I'm meeting my dad again, and there isn't much to do at the cottage when it's rainy and cold. Movies only entertain me for so long...


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