Apr 28, 2012

another trip

In a few days I'm heading off to New York! Feels like this trip is coming so quickly, especially with so many assignments due before and right after. I've been swamped in school work since I came back from Vancouver, so I haven't been able to update, or even do anything worth posting about!

I'm getting really excited to go to NYC, the last time I went was years ago with my family after Christmas. I remember being so impressed with the city, and how pretty it was with the holiday decorations and under snow. This time it will be pretty warm, so it will look very different. I'm going with school, so there's a set itinerary, but luckily it's pretty much all things I'll enjoy doing. Our hotel is in the middle of Times Square, so it's right in the middle of everything. Last time I went I stayed at The Palace, where Chuck Bass lived in Gossip Girl. I went before Gossip Girl had started, so now watching the old seasons I recognize the hotel well!

I'll be taking lots of pictures and hopefully making lots of purchases, so there will be a long post following the trip. Before the trip I have to finish two essays and write a test though, so I need to stop searching stores and restaurants and finish doing my work!

Here's a photo of where my hotel is...

Street at the Marriott Marquis New York

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