Feb 27, 2012

good mood day

Today for some reason I've been in an unusually good mood. So after school, since I had last period free, I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart near my house and bought a few things.

Other than that, nothing exciting has happened recently. However, I did get into two schools I applied to for fashion design, Seneca and Fanshawe. Fanshawe required a portfolio, so I was very pleased that they think I have talent. Still hoping for Ryerson though!

Hopefully since it's getting sunny out again I'll be able to start taking photos with my Holga. It was fun when the pictures developed properly. Now that I figured out what was going wrong and why the pictures were always blank, hopefully I can take real pictures again.

Also my creative writing teacher told me I should consider blogging. I thought it was kind of funny.

Here are photos of what I bought at Shoppers. I know it's not the most interesting, but since it's been over a month since I last posted, I thought I might as well write something!

Elnett hairspray, because I was out and I use it all the time (it's the best!), and new shampoo & conditioner. I'm really excited to use these; they're organic, vegan, and smell delicious.

Some new base coat from Revlon, candy, an orange drink and this months issue of Elle. I usually buy the Canadian version, but this one was so thick and has Blake Lively on the cover, so it had an advantage over the Canadian version.

And this is what I wore today. 

Now we're ordering Chinese food. That's all :)

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