Dec 22, 2011

Christmas things

This week has been so hectic. I've had so many assignments due. I got one done with today, so now I just have a philosophy essay and a short comparison type thing for media.
My friends party was really fun. Here's what I wore:

The chiffon top is from American Apparel, skirt from GUESS, heels from Costa Blanca X, and the bag is vintage.
Here are some pictures of me actually wearing the outfit. I had to crop people out so they might look a little funny.

The holidays are only a few days away, and I finally got my shopping done today. The mall was a little crazy, but I didn't mind too much. Unfortunately I haven't felt very festive lately, so I decided to remember the list of things I like about the holidays to try and cheer me up. I don't remember the exact list anymore, but I've decided to share a new version with you! 

In no particular order:
-Spending time with family and friends
-My sister coming home (!!!)
-Snow (unfortunately we don't have any yet :( )
-Old Christmas carols
-Candy canes
-Glitter eyeshadow
-Wrapping presents
-Sequins (almost every store has something covered in sequins during this time of year!)
-White peppermint mocha latte's from Starbucks
-Christmas movies and holiday episodes on tv
-Department store decorations
-Pretty holiday lights on houses
-Donating to the Goodwill representatives at the mall 

Here's a great version of Silver Bells by She & Him. Gotta love Zooey.

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