May 31, 2011

my evening

Today has been boiling hot, 30 degrees outside! School was really gross since there`s no air conditioning...

Right now I'm thinking of going for a bike ride, I haven't gone on one for a long time. My sister just went to the batting cages with her friend, but when she gets back she said we'll go to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy make-up, then watch Gossip Girl and eat popcorn. My mom said that we might make pizza for dinner too... Sounds like a perfect evening!

My friend and I are going shopping on Friday at Square One. I haven`t been there in a long time, but I love it. Unfortunately I have very little money in my bank account. I`ve been applying for jobs, but no one has been calling back. Oh well, I`ll find one eventually... (I hope!)

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