May 30, 2011

bucket list

I haven't updated this for a long time, so here it is!

1. Listen to "Sous Le Ciel De Paris", in Paris
2. Befriend Ed Westwick
3. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins
4. Sing in a band
5. Kiss in the rain
6. Kiss in the snow
7. Ride a Vespa
8. See Little Boots live
9. Visit The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter
10. Go to Japan
11. Have my fortune told
12. Learn to sew
13. Convert an old studio into an apartment.
14. Live in New York
15. Act in a movie
16. Kiss on the Eiffel Tower
17. Work at a fashion magazine
18. Own a Holga camera
19. Learn to play the xylophone and/or accordion
20. Meet Megan Fox
21. See The Kills live
22. Learn how to ride a horse
23. Learn all the words to every Matt & Kim song

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