Jul 7, 2010

yay for music!

For the longest time, I was only downloading music off the internet, rather than buying the artist's CD. Until yesterday. I went to HMV and ended up buying 7 albums: Little Boots' Hands; Lykke Li's Youth Novels; Marina & The Diamonds' Family Jewels; Matt & Kim's Grand; Two Door Cinema Club's Tourist History; Kasabian's West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum; & Stars' The Five Ghosts. I was super excited to listen to my new albums since they are seven of my favorite artists/bands, and since the last album I bought was probably Destiny's Child in grade six. :|

I was also browsing on ticketmaster this morning and I came across a Marina & The Diamonds show at the El Mocambo in September. Of course I freaked out seeing as along with Little Boots, Marina & The Diamonds is my absolute favorite artist. But once I looked into it further, it turned out that the show is 19+. Which sucks. So much. Ugh.

And as you might have guessed, I'm still wearing my new shoes around my house for fun.
On another note, my step-sister comes in from Vancouver Island on Monday, and my sister and her boyfriend arrive from Saltspring Island on Tuesday! Which is super exciting because that means I won't be an only child again!

Here are my favorite tracks from my new albums:
Hands: Click; New In Town; Hearts Collide; Stuck On Repeat
Youth Novels: Let It Fall; Breaking It Up; Little Bit; Tonight
Family Jewels: Are You Satisfied?; Numb; Obsessions; Hollywood
Grand: Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare; Cutdown; Turn This Boat Around; I'll Take You Home
Tourist History: Eat That Up, It's Good For You; Something Good Can Work; Come Back Home
West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum: Happiness, Fire, Vlad The Impaler
The Five Ghosts: Wasted Daylight, Dead Hearts, We Don't Want Your Body

And in other news, I have now been a vegetarian for 5 days!


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